Cornflower releases 8/10/2012 OSF Green Show Live Recording

I'm am so happy to FINALLY be releasing this show as a download. It was the first show of a 2-week tour in August of 2012. I had just come down with the worst Summer Cold and walked out onstage to a packed crowd when my voice completely stopped working. A deep fear rose over me... "I can't sing?" I thought to myself... "I have to sing!" I stopped and took a deep breath... opened my eyes and looked out over the crowd... I then looked around at the trees and the sky and just surrendered to the moment. I walked over to my loop pedal and clicked record... the rest is history, or ourstory, as I don't believe in past or future... we are all here & now! ;) Anyways... this recording documents that moment in time. Oh and what a magical moment it was for me and all of you beautiful FlowerSeeds who were in attendance. So without further ado... Listen, Download & Enjoy!