Cornflower releases 3/3/2012 Live Recording

I am thrilled to present the second in my Live Recordings series from 3/3/2012 at the "Left Coast Lightworkers Unite" show in Ashland OR. It was such an honor to share the stage with such lightworkers as the Luminaries from LA and my dear friends Indubious. This recording was made possible by Gary and Kimberly of Lost Forest Recordings. Southern Oregon is forever grateful for their work and service in support of the local music scene. Please take a moment to "like" their Facebook page and check out their website for more music from other Southern Oregon greats.

This download is now available to you as a "pay-what-you-want" offering. You can offer a donation or get it for 'Free' by including your email that signs you up to my mailing list. If you would like to enjoy it for 'Free', then I invite you to share the link to the recording on your facebook or twitter profile and "pay it forward" for others to injoy! (If you do share it please mention me so I can send you a thank you!)


Here's the Setlist: Overtone Invocation > Wizards & Witches, Lady Love -> TimeSpace, Cornflower's Reflections, Songs of the Ancients, Sipapu