Onto The Next One...

After almost 5 years since the release of my debut album “Journey Into Sound" (and at least 3 years of saying I am going to record my next album), this month I am “officially” stepping back into the studio for my second album. I am stoked to be working with my friend and producer Bret Levick on this next chapter of my musical journey. Very excited to finally be going into the studio to record these songs which I have been writing since 2009. Journey Into SoundFor all of you who don't know, my first album "Journey Into Sound" was recorded live over the course of 1 year of touring and performing festivals. I then took those songs and chose the order and had my dear friend Jeff Pevar master the recording (he also provided bass and guitar on the radio-hit ‘Oceanwater’). All of the songs on that album were totally improvised and had never been written or performed before. Quite amazing, listening back to these “in-the-moment” downloads. Every time I hear them, I am floored that it came through so clearly, melodies, lyrics and groove.

This next phase of my music, however, I have been inspired to write original songs for the first time. Ever since my last album was released in 2009, I have been on the creative journey of songwriting. It has been an incredibly opening and revealing process. I now have over 20+ songs mostly developed, some even have been played live for many years and haven’t yet been given the studio treatment.

The songs have come through in many different ways. They tend to flow through like I am channeling something from the great beyond, or what a dear friend and incredible musician and storyteller, Rhiannon, calls the #GreatMusic. This happens in the middle of jams either in a live-improvised setting, or in music rehearsal sessions that I record. I capture the main theme or idea and bring it through then if the inspirations there, or I will come back to it later. Most songs end up becoming refined through rehearsals or live performances, even having additional elements or lyrics, even whole new sections added.

I am blessed to live and co-create with my Beloved Nikita. She is a major part of my songwriting. She is a muse and inspiration to the flow of the new music. Deeply grateful for her reflection and support along this musical journey. It is incredibly profound to have a collective who can offer feedback and reflection on elements or ideas within a song.

We are starting the recording process one single at a time, with a bigger album vision as the guiding star and go from there. I will report back with more updates and ways you all can be involved in the process with me. Sign-up to my email list to always be in the know, or tune in via my social networks at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+ and MySpace. Thank you again for your support of this music and message. Eternally grateful. ~ Cornflower