Thanksgiving for me has transmuted its origin and has taken on a new collective agreement. One that is universal and is a healing salve upon our Soul. It is a time to reflect as a species on the blessings and bounty that is here right now in this moment. The vibrating radiance of Life that animates us and connects us. This is found everywhere and in everything. Just stop, stand still (or sit) and drop your attention from your thoughts to observing the movement of your breath. Now look around you while keeping your attention on the rising and falling of your inhale and exhale. Allow what is to brighten into your awareness, let in all of your surroundings. Fully take in the subtle wave of the space around you. This space is also in you! #GiveThanks Bless all of you on your journey. May you all remember who you are and what lights you up! ..::  Cornflower  ::..