03/20/2015 | Dream Portal, Gold Hill OR

Friday, 03/20/2015 (Solar Equinox)

Dream Portal, Gold Hill, OR

Set 1: Crystal Improv, Monks on Main Street > Leaf Off / The Cave[1], YouMeWe, World-Bridger Improv[2], You Are The Medicine

Set 2: OMA > Sipapu (Adagio) > Fire on the Mountain[3], Lady Love > What Is Love?[4] > Say Jam > On Broadway Jam > On The Sunny Side Of The Street[5], In The Moment > All Is Full Of Love[6]
Encore: Oceanwater[7] > TimeSpace[8] > TidePool Improv Jam[9]
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[1] Jose Gonzalez Cover.
[2] w/ Ryan Finney on Vocals
[3] Grateful Dead Cover.
[4] DeeeLite Cover.
[5] Louis Armstrong Cover.
[6] Bjork Cover.
[7] w/ Zahira Soul
[8] w/ Sunny Jackson
[9] w/ Ryan Finney, Zahira Soul & Sunny Jackson
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3/20/2015 Gold Hill OR Set 1 | 3/20/2015 Gold Hill OR Set 2

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The Mothership ready for launch!
SOLAR EQUINOX 2015 #AnEveningWithCornflower