4/11/2015 | Sky Catcher, Ashland OR

Saturday, 04/11/2015

Sky Catcher, Ashland, OR

Set 1: Galactic Improv > Journey Into Sound, Monks on Main Street > Instrument!, YouMeWe Set 2: Sipapu > Lady Love > Tree Man[1], Leaf Off / The Cave, You Are The Medicine Encore: Oceanwater[2] > Awaken Notes: [1] Episode 2: "Be In Integrity (aka The Back Back Back Story)". [2] Lindy Kehoe spoke about bringing our awareness to the Ocean.

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4/11/2015 Ashland OR Set 1 | 4/11/2015 Ashland OR Set 2

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What an epic opening to my Spring Tour! The Ashland OR community showed up ready to deep dive into the One Song with such bright radiant smiles. We were all blessed by a rainbow as all the attendees approached the venue setting the tone for the music ahead. The music was high, the community got connected, Lindy Kehoe did a “live painting portal” she titled “Open Heart Ocean Heart” and our dear brother Liam was pouring Puerh tea all night long.


Blessings of Gratitude to my Sacred Ashland OR & Southern Oregon Community! You all were “instrumental” to an incredibly successful night of music and connection. Your presence and intention was palpable in co-creating in the One Song with me last night.

Even though I have been doing this for over 11 years this month, it all feels like a new beginning for me. The Spring Tour, the house concerts, the intimacy, the focus on the community and our connection. There is a feeling of a freshly prepared garden with new seeds being planted.

Thank you for planting these seeds beside me. I feel great things are upon us. Beyond what I can even imagine. When we come together, anything is possible, and everything is potential! It is what we each bring to the plate that will manifest what unfolds. Thank you all for being a part of this with me. You all are at the soil level of something much bigger than any of us. You are the spark of a great global community of like-hearted souls ready to attune to the cosmic force and bring presence to ourselves, our families and all our relations.


I would love to take a moment to honor each and everyone of ‪#‎TeamCornflower for helping make this event the success that it was.

Nikita Gearing, Nicole Herzmark, Lindy Kehoe & Ryan Finney, Maureen Elizabeth, Liam Blake, Julie O’Dwyer, Inger Jorgensen, Rory Finney and Debbie Thornton of Debra Thornton Photography (photos to come soon!).

Thank you again to EVERYONE who showed up with such open hearts and a willingness to drop into this magical moment of music and community together. THANK YOU from the center of my being!

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What people are saying about #AnEveningWithCornflower‬

"This (music) has gone to an entirely new level. What an incredible evening."

“Absolute Heart Magic... Thank you all for a stellar evening!!! Still flowing through me as such Light! Can't say enough about the experience...."

"An energizing meditation on connection, on community, on sacred responsibility through sound and rhythm and presence. Be present for #AnEveningWithCornflower. #YouAreTheMedicine"

"Eternally grateful for this night. Feeling light, free and happy. Beyond Grateful. You're a wonder, Cornflower."

"Your music was mind blowing!! Such a fun time!!"

"I am full of love and satisfaction."

"A beautiful, radiant, energetic performance tonight with our dear friend. Don't miss the Grants Pass & Portland shows people! #CORNFLOWER"