4/24/2015 | OneDoorLand, Portland OR

Friday, 04/24/2015

OneDoorLand Synergenesis Stewdios, Portland, OR

Set 1: Galactic Improv, Journey Into Sound, Leaf Off / The Cave [1] > Instrument!, YouMeWe, Monks on Main Street > On The Sunny Side of The Street [2] > Happy Birthday [3]

Set 2: Sipapu, With All Things > TimeSpace [4], You Are The Medicine [5], Lady Love > Awaken Reprise [6]

Notes: [1] Jose Gonzalez Cover. [2] Louis Armstrong Cover. [3] Instrumental. [4] Featuring Elijah Parker on Halo Handpan. [5] Featuring Indubious on Vocals. [6] w/ Bjork's "All Is Full Of Love" Tease.

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4/24/2015 Portland OR [Set 1] | 4/24/2015 Portland OR [Set 2]

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The medicine of presence through music transmitted and received by a glowing group of FlowerSeeds!

Thank you ‪#‎PortlandOR‬ for showing up with your hearts wide open to this musical journey! Blessed with Elijah Parker offering a sacred tea ceremony and Kilikina's Chocolates provided delicious delicacies. Deeply honored to have the brothers of Indubious join me on the song "You Are The Medicine".

I am deeply grateful for all who played a part in making this moment unfold with ease and grace:

Nikita Gearing, Bibi McGill, Elijah Parker and everyone at Onedoorland Synergenius Stewdios, Seastar Water, Brett, Charlie, Kristina of Kilikina's Chocolates, Sofia Burton, Evan Burton and Spencer Burton of INDUBIOUS, Ticket Giveaway winner Jen DeHaan, my vocal coach Claire Yarrington, Sara Tone, Max Ribner and everyone else whose presence in the music, both at the venue and on live stream, helped bring through the Great Music!

Thank you all from the center of every cell of my being!

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