5/8/2015 | Windsor Wonderland, San Carlos CA

Friday, 05/08/2015

Windsor Wonderland, San Carlos, CA

Set 1: Solar Improv, Sipapu (Adagio), Journey Into Sound, Monks on Main Street, YouMeWe

Set 2: Lady Love, Heartshine II > Fire On The Mountain [1] > TimeSpace, You Are The Medicine, Unforgettable [2]

Notes: [1] Grateful Dead Cover. [2] Nat King Cole Cover.

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5/8/2015 San Carlos CA [Set 1] | 5/8/2015 San Carlos CA [Set 2]

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THANK YOU SAN CARLOS CA!! What an extraordinary tour closer!!!

Thank you to everyone who made it out to an incredible night of music and community. There is something very special building through this music and the connections that are being made through it. It feels authentic and timely. Truly inspired.

Big heart love to Robin, Eric, Ron and Josh at Windsor Wonderland for welcoming me to San Carlos CA and helping me feel so at home.

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