#AnEveningWithCornflower Spring Tour Recap!

HEART EXPANDING GRATITUDE!!! What an extraordinary tour this has been! There is something very special building through this music and the connections that are being made through it. I am truly honored by all of the love and support from everyone who has helped make this tour happen.

Many hands make light work…  Huge thanks to everyone who has helped along this Spring Tour: Nikita, Nicole, Lindy & Ryan, Liam, Julie, Rory, Inger, Debbie, Maureen, Megan, Shevie, Matthew, Hetty, Bibi, Elijah, Water, Brett, Indubious, Kristina, Robin, Eric, Ron & Josh and to all the ticket giveaway participants. WE DID IT!!!

After every show, I do my best to bring together a recap of each of the nights. Flowing love to all who have helped make each evening such a success, while also providing setlists and live music archives from each show.

Below I have recaps from all 6 nights of #AnEveningWithCornflower Spring Tour. Take a moment to peruse the updates including pictures & live recordings from the tour!

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