5/27/2015 | The WOW Hall, Eugene OR

Wednesday, 05/27/2015

The WOW Hall, Eugene, OR

Set: Lunar Improv, Monks on Main Street, Sipapu (Adagio) > WOW Jam, YouMeWe, You Are The Medicine

Notes: Opening set for Mike Love.

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WOW! (Pun intended!) I LOVE EUGENE OREGON!

Thank you to everyone who came out to support Mike Love and caught my set for the first time. I felt fully received by all in attendance. That "YouMeWe" was one for the record books!

Big waves of gratitude to Calyn, Selena, Justin, Sam, Sam & Sam (LOL) and all of the staff & volunteers of The WOW Hall for your hospitality, friendliness and fellowship. Big thanks to Mike Love, Sam Ites, Chris the bassist, and Wizard behind the curtain (you know who you are! ;) for having me open the show! Finally, deep bows of gratitude to Lori for running the merchandise and to Ananda & Tim for taking such good care of me on my stay in the Emerald City!

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Listen Now: 5/27/2015 The WOW Hall, Eugene OR [Set]

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