5/30/2015 | Southern Oregon Grape Fair, Talent OR

Saturday, 05/30/2015

Southern Oregon Grape Fair, Talent, OR

Set: Earth Improv, Shuffle Shake [1], Sipapu (Adagio) > Fire On The Mountain [2], Monks on Main Street, You Are The Medicine

Notes: [1] New Song Debut. [2] Grateful Dead Cover.

Other artists included: LOVEBITE!, The Fret Drifters, TC & The Reactions and Ur Mom.

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Thank you to my hometown of Talent OR for coming out to support the 2nd Annual Southern Oregon Grape Fair.

Thank you to everyone who came out to support my set and to all of those seeing me for the first time for making me feel so received and welcome.

Big waves of gratitude to Bobby Townsend and everyone at Southern Oregon Grape Fair, volunteers, staff, wineries, artisans and craftspeople. Big shout out to our awesome Mayor Darby Stricker, Inger Jorgensen for inviting me into the event, The Fret Drifters for a blistering live performance, LOVEBITE! for inviting me up to jam on Led Zeppelin's classic "Custard Pie"! It was such an honor to play for my hometown, the City of Trees!

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