6/28/2015 | Inlakesh Festival, Ashland OR

Sunday, 06/28/2015

Inlakesh Festival, Ashland, OR

Set: Worldbridger Improv, Monks on Main Street, Shuffle Shake, YouMeWe, Sipapu (Adagio) > TimeSpace > The Rainbow Connection [1], You Are The Medicine

Notes: [1] Kermit The Frog Cover, Song Debut.

Other artists included: Desert Dwellers, The Ancient Wild, Dance of the Devadasi, Zahira and more.

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What an absolutely magical moment of music we shared in together at Inlakesh!!! WOW!!! Thank you all for diving deep into the ‪#‎GreatMusic with me‬!

May all that we shared be carried with you along your journey until we all cross paths again!

Thanks to Joa Lila, Larry Morningstar and all of the staff, volunteers, artists, musicians, presenters, facilitators, healers, hosts, helping hands, open hearts and amazing vibe of all in attendance. Truly the most conscious festival I have been to at the Wellsprings.

With Love ~ In Lak'ech ~ Ala'Kin

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