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The Full Moon Newsletter is in inboxes now! This is the Full Oak Moon, the central, seventh month of the Druid Calendar Year and represents the strongest of the trees, therefore the powers of this Moon are about harnessing our inner stability and strength through grounding our visions, intentions and prayers into the roots of everyday Life...[su_spacer size="10"][/su_spacer]

This Full Moon Newsletter includes:

  • Full Moon Update
  • FREE Live Stream Concert is July 31st!
  • New Moon Sound Meditation
  • OSF Green Show on Aug 26th
  • New Podcast: Listen to Episode 7 Now!
  • Celebrating 11 Years of Music
  • A Message from Cornflower

Here's a snippet from the Full Moon Newsletter

As we transition from one vibration to the next, we must ground into the moment and strengthen our relationship with our body, as it is our direct connection to the Earth. By utilizing our breath, we ground our roots deeper, creating stability to handle the new growth emerging. This creates a magnetic field that will assist in attracting all that is yours. The more present we can become with the simple steps in our everyday lives, the more we are able to be channels of purpose.

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