Electric Equinox

The Electric Equinox, or September Equinox, represents one of two balancing points in the marriage of our Planet Earth with the Sun and Moon. Any grand astronomical event, such as this Equinox, is always a good time for reflection, as they represent the closing of one cycle or season and the opening of another.

By attuning ourselves to these rhythms, we gain deeper insight into the ebb and flow of Life.

This Equinox is an incredibly significant one in that it lies between the New Moon Solar Eclipse (on Sept 12th) and the Full Moon Super Moon Lunar Eclipse (on Sept 27th, also to note: The first time the spectacle has been seen since 1982, and the next won't come around until 2033).

These two Eclipses are like pillars of a doorway. Within these two pillars, the Equinox lies still, as a reflective point to reconnect with your own center, your breath, and find your own balancing point.

Let go of where you’ve come from and return to the presence within this Moment. From this place of centered still awareness you can recalibrate yourself to being more deeply balanced in all your actions and activities moving forward.

Equinox Takeaways: Stop what you are doing. Find a place in yourself or in your world that supports stillness and quiet, preferably in nature. Take time for yourself to reconnect with the truth of who you are. Bring what you learn from this time into your daily Life.