Full Moon Update for September 2015

To put the world in order…, we must first set our hearts right.” Confucius

What an incredible time to be ALIVE! This Eclipse Portal from the New Moon Solar Eclipse on September 12th through to the Electric Equinox and now today’s massive synchronic alignment of the Full Moon Super Moon Lunar Eclipse is a turning of the tides.

Watch the Full Moon Live Stream Concert here!

Today is also the Harvest Moon, which means the Full Moon closest to the Autumn Equinox. It is the 4th consecutive Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in the last two years, which is a very rare occurrence called a tetrad. These 4 lunar eclipses moved between two energies, self & community, YouMeWe!

It is also the second and most powerful Super Moon this year, when the Moon comes the closest to Earth in its elliptical orbit!

There is so much going on in this alignment that it feels too massive to put all into words, however, I will attempt to offer a launching pad for your own self-reflection and connection with what YOU feel it is for you. To navigate these energies with presence is our greatest service to ourselves and all of Life on this planet.

The energies present at this time are BIG! The eclipse is bringing up parts of ourself that need healing and that must be seen and allowed so that we may navigate through them opening doorways of opportunities to amplify our highest visions and collective intentions utilizing the energy of the Super Moon Full Moon.

Remember that these energies can bring up unseen or unconscious elements of ourself. Ones that we have judged. So, if these parts of ourself show up, do yourself a favor... and breathe. Witness these elements without judgement. Allow them to move, let the energy rise but don't perform them. Harmonize and breathe into them, become friends with this energetic motion. Use it as a fuel to strengthen your resolve and deepen your consciousness into your body and being. By doing this you are modeling to those around you the power of self-awareness and mastery.

"I change inner-reality into outer-reality by removing the illusion of the difference." Merlyn

These Lunar Eclipse energies will continue to unfold in our lives for a few weeks. Take this time to apply rhythms into your life that serve your highest integrity in relationship to your community and the world. Focus on bringing your true self into your service.

Full Moon Super Moon Lunar Eclipse Takeaway: Deepen your connection to the flow of your timing. Find your integrity in service with your self, relationships, community and world. Know that everything that shows up is an opportunity for you to dissolve your old identity and evolve into your highest vision. Take time and space to breathe through these moments of challenge as they will become the fuel for consciousness to fully realize itself and root into your body and being.