[New Single] Monks on Main Street

I am elated to announce my first studio single “Monks on Main Street” is now available for your listening pleasure!

The song was recorded and mixed by Bret Levick. He took this song to places I didn't know were possible. Bret'soutside-the-box creativity and talent helped bring this song to the exact vibe we didn't even know we were looking for. Very grateful to Jim Chapdelaine for Mastering this single to fruition.

I am deeply excited to invite you to watch the “Monks on Main Street” Lyric Video we created alongside our brother Nicholas Walsch of Walsch Productions. Nic's vision and direction helped take a simple idea and bring it to a whole other level. The moment we shared our vision with him, he took it up 144 notches!

Watch the video and share it with all those you feel can benefit from this music and its message.

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