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Monks on Main Street [Single]

With the power of Dr. Martin Luther King's articulate opening invocation, Cornflower’s new single "Monks on Main Street" drops into your ear drums with a pulsating funk anthem to the times we live in. It is a call-to-action to “people of goodwill” to "bring your presence into the world" and become consciously active through our breath and awareness. 

“Monks on Main Street” is recorded using Cornflower's all-vocal arrangements by producer Bret Levick. With a twist of R&B vocalizing within the multi-part harmonies of the chorus and a swinging southern-fried funk instrumentation, it’s potent lyricism calls the listener to their power with each passing verse that crescendos with its chill-bump inducing final chorus. 

The intention of the song is to inspire those who hear it, to realize that they have the power to transform themselves and their world through their direct Presence. The song focuses on the importance of the individual’s role in assisting the creation of a more conscious, harmonious and peaceful world, based on equal rights and equality for all. It encourages the listener to; stand up, show up and engage the important issues occurring on a personal, local, state, national and global level from a place of conscious breath, intention and peaceful action.

© ℗ Cornflower, All rights reserved.



Journey Into Sound [Album]

Released April 22, 2009 • Cornflower's debut album, from his new record label Time is Art Records, is bursting with energy and potential. His fusion of world, funk, electro-pop, trance and beatbox with tinges of indigenous and aboriginal influences, makes for a deep listening experience. With his improvisational style, Cornflower's unique song structures and musical movements will surprise you as each passing beat and melody unfold before your ears.

Written, Performed & Produced by Cornflower

All of the sounds you hear within this music are Cornflower's voice
except for “Oceanwater” featuring Jeff Pevar on Guitar & Bass. 

Mastered by Jeff Pevar: 

This album is dedicated to Cornflower's Father, 
Thomas Francis Coughenour.

© ℗ Cornflower, All rights reserved.