Living Music Dance Medicine is a Live Music Ecstatic Dance Experience with vocalist, beatboxer & live-looper, Cornflower.

BEST. EVENT. EVER. I’m just now recovering from the LOVE EXPLOSION that was Cornflower’s funk bomb + lullaby bliss that whipped us all up into a creamy froth of connectivity & delight!
— Rachel Philippe, Soul Kitchen Dance Facilitator, Fort Collins, CO.

This experience is an all-improvised, all-vocal, live-looped, soul-activating Live Music Ecstatic Dance.

Cornflower, the genre-bending vocalist, live-looper, beatboxer, and sound alchemist creates a series of all-vocal sonic landscapes and songs that build from stillness, then grow and expand and elevate into an ecstatic dance of music and movement medicine and then weaves the music back to stillness completing with a sound meditation that supports reflection, connection, presence and expansion.

Cornflower has brought his Living Music Dance Medicine Experience to Ecstatic Dance communities across the United States… and soon to a dancefloor nearest you.

Listen to samples of Cornflower’s MUSIC

Cornflower's music is featured on Ecstatic Dance dance floors around the world, with his songs 'Oceanwater', and 'Do All Things With Kindness' being some of the playlist favorites.

What People Are Saying 

Co-creating the living music ecstatic dance with Cornflower and Nikita has been, in every way, supportive, clear, directed and mutually-uplifting.

Their efficiency in communication and awareness of crucial details made the whole experience smooth and cohesive.

I feel both their precious hearts are sincerely dedicated to the collective prayer of well-being which completely flavored the purposeful, beauty-filled container we enlivened together.

Their integrity in all actions and considerations was super inspiring to be a part of. It’s such an honor and a true joy to work, play and pray with these two angels!!
— Kristyl Visions, Ashland Conscious Dance Facilitator, Ashland, OR.
I have loved Cornflower’s music for awhile now, and often been one of the folks who would get up and dance. So when I heard that a WHOLE DANCE would be filled with his music, I was a definite yes. For me, having so many people there to bring their everything in their bodies and let themselves be filled and moved by Cornflower’s music and Nikita’s prayers... was another whole level. It brought the beautiful heart-joy-funky-love-ness of the music through us all, connecting us in a beautiful flow. And having so much of his music that night be fully inspired and improvised on the spot felt like such a gift - to immerse in the sound of that divine inspiration flowing through in full creativity and presence. Thank you all for your gifts and love, and how you show up in service to Divine Creation in community. 💗💗💗
— Heather, Ecstatic Dance Participant, Ashland, OR.



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