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Monks on Main Street [Single]

With the power of Dr. Martin Luther King’s articulate opening invocation, Cornflower’s new single “Monks on Main Street” drops into your ear drums with a pulsating funk anthem to the times we live in. It is a call-to-action to “people of goodwill” to “bring your presence into the world” and become consciously active through our breath and awareness.

“Monks on Main Street” is recorded using Cornflower’s all-vocal arrangements by producer Bret Levick. With a twist of R&B vocalizing within the multi-part harmonies of the chorus and a swinging southern-fried funk instrumentation, it’s potent lyricism calls the listener to their power with each passing verse that crescendos with its chill-bump inducing final chorus.

The intention of the song is to inspire those who hear it, to realize that they have the power to transform themselves and their world through their direct Presence. The song focuses on the importance of the individual’s role in assisting the creation of a more conscious, harmonious and peaceful world, based on equal rights and equality for all. It encourages the listener to; stand up, show up and engage the important issues occurring on a personal, local, state, national and global level from a place of conscious breath, intention and peaceful action.


  • Written & Performed by: Cornflower
  • Featuring the voice of: Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., gifted by the Estate of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • Recorded, Produced & Mixed by: Bret Levick
  • Mastered by: Jim Chapdelaine
  • Music Video Directed, Produced & Edited by: Nicholas Walsch
  • Single & Music Video Produced by: Nikita Gearing
  • Photography by: Jayden Becker
  • Artwork by: Cornflower & Nikita Gearing


Music Video Directed, Produced & Edited by: Nicholas Walsch
Single & Music Video Produced by: Nikita Gearing

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About Dr. King's Words

The night before the last day of mixing, I asked the Universe, “What does this song need to bring it full circle & assist people to receive its message.” I immediately heard the words “teacher” and “trust”. That led me to researching Dr. King's speeches. I found The King Center online and began my research. I have studied his legacy before and it's connection to Gandhi's legacy of teaching non-violence, but this time I was truly ready to take in this message on a whole other level. I found my way to Stanford University's "The Martin Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Institute" where they have an archive of all of his writings and speeches. I began tearing through pages of speeches. I don't think I've ever read as fast and as feeling as I did that night. In tears of immense gratitude for this man, I stumbled across his speech/sermon from March 31st 1968.

As I began to read it, I had a feeling what I was looking for was in this speech. When I came across what would become the words I would use, they sent shivers through my body. I knew that this moment, this song, these words, all had a connection to each other. That Dr. King was the “teacher” who was meant to help deliver this message of "Monks on Main Street" as this was an extension of his message. I then found the audio sample online (listen here at the 33m & 13s marker.) and when I heard his voice express these words. The depth and gravity that they carry, the resonance and tone, I was overflowing with chill bumps.

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. from "Remaining Awake Through a Great Revolution" Sermon
delivered at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. on March 31st 1968.

As I walked into the studio on the last day of mixing, I told my Producer, Bret Levick, that I had this lightning strike idea emerge from a prayer I had set around the song and he was an immediate YES! We added the quote, and when we listened back, it transformed the song, from just a song to a statement. It immediately lifted the song into a whole other dimension.

Once home from the studio, I began the process of contacting the Dr. King Center and asking for their permission to use his words both in audio and in written form. 

On MLK Day, I received this email response…

Thanks for your patience. I am happy to report that your request is being approved. After visiting your website and listening to the track, I wanted to verify that you are in fact an independent artist and not distributing through a major label? The sound quality of your production and track itself far exceeds any of the independent tracks I typically receive. I would need confirmation of your independent status before I quote a fee. Thanks again.

I immediately wrote back with my verification, and they responded: 

That’s more than enough. Thanks for the confirmation.

With tears rolling down my face, my heart thumping with excitement, and my body fully lit with joy, they had fully approved licensing with no fee!!! This was a huge life moment. It affirmed the importance of this song and proved to me that the Universe was conspiring through us to bring this music and message to those who could benefit from it.

In honor of Dr. King, his legacy, (his vision of the creation of a Beloved Community), his wife Coretta Scott King and founder of The King Center, his daughter and CEO of The King Center, Bernice King, and to all those who give themselves towards this great work of justice and equality, and the ripple of transformation that continues to expand through generations, I offer this song, “Monks on Main Street” as a soundtrack to inspire and support both personal and global transformation.



And I submit that nothing will be done until people of goodwill put their bodies and their souls in motion. And it will be the kind of soul force brought into being as a result of this confrontation that I believe will make the difference.
— Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Monks on Main Street x 4

[Verse 1]
Too many people getting stuck in the Symbolism... It is now time for us to live the wisdom... So let's get into the streets, to be and to breathe... And live our purpose by fulfilling our destiny..

Monks on Main Street x 4

[Verse 2]
Too many people singing to the same isms & schisms... Now is our time to harmonize with our hearts prism... Let's take a breath, ground down into our body's flow... And become present to the magic of our OneSoul.

Monks on Main Street x 4

[Vocal Solo]

[Outro Verse]
Come on down from your mountain sanctuary... It is now time to fulfill your dharmic destiny... Bring your presence into the world... Boys and girls we are the ones we have been waiting for... 

[Final Chorus]
Monks on Main Street, Come on down…
Monks on Main Street, Come on down…down down down down
Monks on Main Street, Come on down…
Monks on Main Street, Come on down… 
Monks on Main Street, Come on down… ooh ooh ooh
Monks on Main Street, Come on down… down down down down
Monks on Main Street, Come on down… ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
...Monks on Main Street.



❀ Thank you to my beloved, Nikita Gearing; co-inspirer, and co-creator in all-things "Cornflower". Thank you for your immense presence in all of this music (co-managing all of the business, booking & tour management, brand & publicity, sales & merchandise). Your Co-Production of the single and the music video helped manage the details of this release to the n-th degree. You helped hone the intentional direction of the song to one that will be of most benefit to those who listen. The depth and breadth of your part in this song (and all of this music, and my Life path) cannot be spoken highly enough. Your reflection provided me the spiritual tether that led me along the path to the lyrics of this song, and the message that it is delivering. Thank you for being my spiritual partner and sacred reflection along this journey of consciously living in our authentic power and soul purpose. Thank you for LITERALLY EVERYTHING!

❀ Thank you to Bret Levick for offering your time and talents to co-producing, recording, and mixing this song. You brought so much to this song and helped mold it to what it is now. Thank you for all of your effort and patience with this 3-year process from recording the first vocal tracks to the final mix.

❀ Thank you to The King Center for your incredible work continuing the legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and for approving the use of his vocal sample (listen here) from his speech "Remaining Awake Through a Great Revolution" Sermon delivered at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. on March 31st 1968. Read the whole speech, here.

❀ Thank you to my dear Brother, a core member of TeamCornflower, Nicholas Walsch of Walsch Productions for your time and talent in Directing, Producing, Filming & Editing the "Monks on Main Street" Music Lyric Video. Nic, you went ABOVE & BEYOND the call of duty for this project. Spending late nights in the edit bay. I think the three of us combined spent almost 400 hours on developing this music video with you pulling at least 200 of those hours! Forever grateful for your immense support for this music and message.

❀ Thank you to Jayden Becker (Artist, Photographer & Videographer). You helped birth the visual to this music that perfectly exemplifies the message. Your incredible photography and vision were such a gift to work with! THANK YOU!

❀ Thank you to all of the FlowerSeeds who came out in the FREEZING COLD weather for our Cover Artwork photo shoot in Ashland Oregon! It was such a magical moment together. THANK YOU X INFINITY!


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