You Are The Medicine [Single]

Cornflower & Indubious join forces to deliver their newest single, “You Are The Medicine”, an all-vocal anthemic love-step jam with a message of empowerment. Like most of Cornflower & Indubious’ creations, their intentions and words are meant to catalyze an inner inquiry, to assist in the great healing and transformation of humanity, and to ignite within the listener the awareness that each and everyone of us carries a unique gift, a medicine bundle to “heal the world".

“You Are The Medicine” is recorded using Cornflower's all-vocal a cappella arrangements by Producer, Evton B of Indubious. With the reggae vibes on top, Evton B created a spaciousness in the song that leaves room for the multi-part harmonies and self-reflective lyrics to guide your ears and hearts to the core of it’s message wrapped within the bumping beatbox grooves and bass lines created via vocal instrumentation by Cornflower. Evton B & SkipWicked’s lyrical and vocal contributions are felt throughout the whole track with their unique 'Indubious’ cadence, delivery, and production style bringing a shining light to Cornflower’s unique vocal offerings and their collective music medicine mission.

This song was 8 years in the making, from conception to birth. The intention is to awaken in each listener the knowing that they have a unique medicine to bring to this world. Now’s the moment!”

© ℗ Cornflower, All rights reserved.


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