When you download an album from Cornflower, you must be on either a Desktop or Laptop computer. In order to sync this music to your SmartPhone or Mobile Device, follow your devices directions on how to add/sync music to your device from your Computer.

How-To "Unzip" your Download

After clicking the download link it will arrive on your computer in a compressed format called a “zip” file. Before you can add the music to your library and listen to it, you'll need to decompress, or "unzip" it. Doing so is very easy:


If you're on a Mac - Double-click the “zip” file AND you're done.


If you're on a PC - Right-click the “zip" file and choose Extract All... You're also done.

Don't see an "Extract All..." option? Try renaming the file to something simple, like "". The important thing is to make sure the name ends with ".zip". Then right-click it again. You should now see "Extract All..." in the menu. If you still don't see an Extract All... option, double-click the file. This will open a window listing the files inside. Press Ctrl+A to select all the files, then drag them into a folder or onto your desktop. This will extract them, for sure.

What!? That doesn't work either? You may be amongst the elite few who simply don't have unzipping software built in to their PC. Easy to rectify: there are some free unzipping programs for windows such asZipeg, 7-Zip, PeaZip and Hamster Free Zip (not a typo).

How-To Add Music to your Music Player

To add music to iTunes

Launch iTunes and choose File > Add To Library.


To add music to Windows Media Player

You can either:

a) select the audio files, then right-click them and choose "Add to Windows Media Player List", or...

b) drag and drop the audio files onto the Windows Media Player window (if that doesn't work, try the drag/drop operation again, but make sure the Library tab is active in Windows Media Player first).

Have any questions, need help troubleshooting?