21st Century Sweet Soul Music!
— David Margulies - Tastemaker (High Sierra Music Festival)
Really unique, avant-garde, genre-defying vocal-jamz music... I’m not sure how to describe this art because it breaks new ground, sounds like nothing else currently out there. Super positive and uplifting jam to brighten your day!
— Bee Getz - Journalist, Reporter (Upful Life, Everfest, Live for Live Music)
BEST. EVENT. EVER. I’m just now recovering from the LOVE EXPLOSION that was Cornflower’s funk bomb + lullaby bliss that whipped us all up into a creamy froth of connectivity & delight this weekend.
— Rachel Phillippe - Ecstatic Dance Facilitator (Soul Kitchen Dance, CO)
This man’s music and heart will BLOW YOUR MIND!!! Do yourself a favor and put some time aside and breathe this beautiful music in.
— Jeff Pevar - Guitarist, Instrumentalist & Producer (David Crosby, Ray Charles Orchestra)
Cornflower is an “all-vocal” musician/messenger on a mission to share his upbeat positivity and wisdom through music. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
— Neale Donald Walsch - New York Times Best-Selling Author (Conversations With God)
(Cornflower) is vibrational Soul Medicine that is so needed at this time! This Music of the Future reminds us that: Now is the Time to Live our Destiny! Magic!
— Stephanie South - Author, Journalist (Living Time Science, 13:20 Frequency Blog)