Time Is Art Records

Time Is Art. You Are Love. Peace Is Now.
— José Argüelles

Time Is Art Records is a music label founded by artist and musician, Cornflower.

Time Is Art Records mission is to "provide music and art that inspires you into living in the present moment".

The origin of the phrase “Time Is Art” is credited to the one and only, Jose Arguelles, whose prophetic call to humanity “take back your power, take back your time.” reverberated around the world and inspired a global movement of people to return to natural time and the rhythms of Life that support harmony and community. 

This became the slogan for a decentralized organization founded by Arguelles called the Planet Art Network, and later his non-profit organization the Foundation for the Law of Time.

Who owns your time owns your mind; own your own time and know your own mind.
— José Argüelles