The TimeSpace Sound Meditation is an improvised & channeled vocal sound immersion, meant to help bring the listener into an immediate connection with themselves through the present moment by bringing awareness to their breath and body awareness.

Using vocal instrumentation and live looping, Cornflower takes you on a journey along a sonic landscape, infused with intentional ambient and downtempo movements that are both meditative, healing and shamanic.

TimeSpace started as an improvised musical exploration that would emerge live out of one of Cornflower’s songs in the second set of his concerts. Akin to the Grateful Dead’s “Drums -> Space”, Cornflower’s TimeSpace would venture into unknown sonic territory.

In 2015, after the major earthquake that affected Tibet, Cornflower was inspired to respond with a sound prayer called “We Are The Earth”. This then led Cornflower to take the newly reinvigorated live streaming technology to bring monthly TimeSpace Sound Meditations every New Moon online to people around the globe. The first one was born on the New Moon of July 15th, 2015.



7/15/2015 TimeSpace New Moon Sound Meditation

TimeSpace Sound Meditations, Vol. 2 - Movement 2