Joshua Tree Music Festival Update

Greetings Fans & Flowerseeds! What an amazing journey I had at Joshua Tree Music Festival. Such a HUGE response from the Festival goers and promoters! A great reception. There was a big buzz after my set. Truly inspired and grateful to be taking this Great Music to new places, new ears and hearts.

If you have never been to Joshua Tree Music Festival, do not miss it. They have two festivals a year, so make sure to put it on your list! A must have experience.

I intended to offer video updates throughout the trip, but being on the road, in the high desert proved to make that very challenging, so I hope that this message will suffice. There will be some video and photos to come shortly. But in the meantime, here is a fan filmed video from an iPhone... unfortunately the sound gets too much for the iPhone's audio recorder but it at the least gives you a glimpse into the powerful set that manifested in the high desert of Joshua Tree. InJoy!