The #AUTUMNRISE Tour Recap!

What an epic 5 weeks. I am humbled by the amazing response to this music. It is such an honor and blessing to get to celebrate Life through Music with all of you. BIG HEART THANK YOU's to everyone who participated in the #AUTUMNRISE Tour and helped make it possible. My beloved Nikita, the Righteous Sound Productions Family (Indubious & Alcyon Massive), FunkShop Artists, Cherry Royale & Slappy, Rocker T, Sol Seed, Irie Dole, City Repair, Elliot of Beloved Presents, Rotture, Cozmic Pizza, Historic Ashland Armory, WOW Hall, Rockit Room and all of the fans and supporters in Portland, Eugene, Ashland and San Francisco who came out and threw down with me. What an amazing experience to be amplified and to co-create in the Great Music with hundreds of newly activated FlowerSeeds! We had a great response towards the #OccupyWallStreet Movement theme that we added to the set. I feel that we were very successful in bringing peoples attention to the General Assembly and the Consensus process and we gave all in attendance a call to action to go to their local General Assemblies and learn more in person.

If you weren't there, Click here to watch three videos from the 11/11/11 show in Ashland OR, watch now! and... Read the #AUTUMNRISE Tour Setlists below!

SATURDAY OCTOBER 29 - Portland OR@ HOWL PDX at Rotture/Branx

Setlist: Improv > "V" Intro > In the Moment > Soul.Dub Jam > Soul Shakedown Party Journey into Sound > Drum & Bass Jam Songs of the Ancients > Ambient Improv feat. Hoop Dancer OMA > Mothership > Makisupa Policeman > Heartshine II > TimeSpace > Talkin' Bout a Revolution Sipapu

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 04 - Eugene OR @ Cozmic Pizza

Setlist: Improv > Heartshine II > TimeSpace Talkin' Bout a Revolution > Improv Jam Sipapu

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 11 - Ashland OR@ Historic Ashland Armory

Setlist: "V" Intro > OMA > Heartshine II > Fire on the Mountain > Soul Shakedown Party YouMeWe Talkin' Bout a Revolution > TimeSpace Sipapu

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 18 – Eugene OR @ The WOW Hall

Setlist: "V" Intro > OMA > Mothership 2001 > Mothership > Beatbox Segway > Journey into Sound > D&B Jam > Soul Shakedown Party > Journey into Sound YouMeWe Heartshine II > Fire on the Mountain > Heartshine II > TimeSpace Sipapu > Music of the Light

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 25 – San Francisco CA@ Rockit Room

Setlist: "V" Intro > OMA > Mothership In the Moment > Beatbox Jam Journey into Sound > Drum&Bass Jam Talkin' Bout a Revolution YouMeWe Heartshine II > TimeSpace Sipapu > Music of the Light