OREGON! Tomorrow @ 5PM is the latest you can register to vote for this current election cycle! Register now at this link: ~ or goto: Once you are registered, INFORM YOURSELF by going to the Oregon Voter's Guide at this link: Contrary to popular belief there are 6 candidates officially on the ballot in Oregon for President of the USA (not just 2) I am sure one of them fits closer to your personal policies, and you should also be informing yourself on STATE & LOCAL elections as there are many major positions up for election as well as measures that need your vote! Your vote counts! See below for more voter information!

President *

Representative in Congress

2nd District's_2nd_congressional_district *

Secretary of State *

State Treasurer *

Attorney General (Former Incumbent) *

State Senator

1st District *

2nd District

28th District

State Representative

2nd District

4th District

* = Incumbent