7/31/2015 Full Moon Live Stream Release

Deeply grateful to release the soundboard recording from the 7/31/2015 Full Moon Live Stream Concert on as a “Name Your Price” digital download. It includes 4 blazing versions of “Shuffle Shake”, “Sipapu”, “Oceanwater” and “With All Things”.

Set: Shuffle Shake, Sipapu, Oceanwater, With All Things

I invite you to listen, download and share with those you feel could benefit from this music medicine.

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Here are some reviews from those in attendance:

"The in-set Q&A was great. The small-town show "feel" while being live-cast online was new, but amazing. I think this will grow and grow."


"Thank you for such a beautifully musical evening, brother. This was the best topper to my week!!!"


"That was just amazing.. So glad I tuned in.. Heart open... Cornflower in my veins... Joy in my world"


"Thank you. This has been phenomenal."


"Bravo!!! What an awesome way to enjoy a full moon... Thank You Thank You!"


"Thank you for making such beautiful and life-affirming music. Much love."