October 2018 FlowerSeeds.VIP Release


I am inspired to present this month’s FlowerSeeds.VIP Exclusive Live Release entitled “Explorations, Vol. 1".

This is a new improvised series of sound explorations recorded with the intention of pure and raw expression from the moment. This release is a shift from anything I have done previously.


  1. I’m Coming Alive

  2. Joy in the Face of Everything

  3. I.N.S.I.D.E. (When Ya Feel It)

  4. One More Dance Before I Go

  5. A Flower Unfurling...

The release is now available for FlowerSeeds.VIP supporters in your Collection for download and streaming and is now live in the Bandcamp App @bandcamp.

Check it out now!
↠ cflow.co/explorations-vol1

Leave a comment below with your experience of the music.

With All My Love,

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