November 2018 FlowerSeeds.VIP Release


I am inspired to announce this month’s FlowerSeeds.VIP Live Release entitled “Live in Ashland 2018”.

‘Live in Ashland 2018’ was recorded live on August 18th, 2018. ‘Live in Ashland 2018’ is made of 2 full sets of original music.


Set 1 - 
1. Watching Rain through Window Pane [Improv]
2. Monks on Main Street
3. Walk Through The Fire
4. With All Things
5. YouMeWe
6. You Are The Medicine

Set 2 - 
7. Receive 
8. Sipapu
9. Do All Things With Kindness
10. Awaken

The release is now available for FlowerSeeds.VIP supporters in your Collection for download and streaming and is now live in the Bandcamp App.

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Check it out now!

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With All My Love,

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