Announcing the new "You Are The Medicine" Music Video

I am thrilled to announce the new music video for “You Are The Medicine” is now available to watch exclusively on YouTube.

Take a moment to watch this music video filmed as a vibrational transmission from our hearts to yours.


I’m excited to draw attention today to a new Music Video by my dear friend, the exceptional artist Cornflower. He has taken the most important message in Conversations with God and given it a unique and very special musical treatment. I hope you will share this with all of your friends!
— Neale Donald Walsch, Best-Selling Author & Modern Day Spiritual Messenger
Beautiful video, music, and message! Give it a listen
— Joa Lila, Event Organizer & Manager, Ashland, OR
Amazing video! My heart is smiling, some wonderful feelings that song evokes. Thank you
— Newport123, YouTube commenter