the organic beatbox: CORNFLOWER (review by tBot Merkatroid)

the organic beatbox: CORNFLOWER by tBot Merkatroid - April 22 2009

Today is Earth Day and to celebrate we are spotlighting: CORNFLOWER, the lean green beat machine. Nestled in the northwest corner of the country Cornflower has mastered the essence of rockapella with his fun and energetic live performances. Building an array of soundscapes using foot pedals to loop beats and harmonies, this one man jamband takes elements of hip hop, drum n bass, funk, and whatever else and blends them into an experience that is truly unique amidst the current electronica craze. His website: is loaded with info, news, links, a podcast, show dates and most importantly his new L.P.

Along with a string of shows Cornflower will be performing at the Emerge-N-See Festival in Salem Oregon July 17th-20th in a great lineup of artists that include: Flying Lotus, Blockhead, Plastician and even some native ATLiens like: DubConscious, Entropy, and Uprise.

written by merkatroid on Apr 22 2009 

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