AzTheEarthChanges“, the New EP from Cornflower, was recorded live @ CultureWorks in Ashland OR on 03/19/2011 at “The Curious Caravan of Cultured Creatures” monthly. The Sound Engineer –Randy Voris captured a raw new set of music from Time Is Art recording artist Cornflower. This 3-track Live EP entitled “AzTheEarthChanges” was performed all improvisational, live and in-the-moment.

This EP is in response to the many world events taking place in this moment.

Primarily, the most recent being Japan’s 9.1 Earthquake, Tsunami and the Fukushima Nuclear Reactor Crisis.

My wife Nikita Gearing and I (The, have been tracking these changes, along with the global response, and have been guided to support everyone to re-connect with their Heart, and from this place Unite with your World.

As our dear friend Tej Steiner ( has shared with us, it is in this place of United Heart Connection that we will all be able to respond to the times we are living in.

The Hopi, The Dalai Lama, The Hathors through Tom Kenyon, Abraham-Hicks, and many spiritual leaders, prophets, seers, wayshowers and guides are flooding the airwaves with the focus on unity, heart & visualizing the World we know is possible, but FEELING IT & CELEBRATING it now… while simultaneously, responding consciously and grounded to what is happening right in front of us based on our previously accumulated collective unconscious vibrational karma.

Our hearts go out to all those who have completed their journey on Earth with us through these tragic events and to all those who lost loved ones. To all in need of guidance and direction, may this music be a space where you can dive in, close your eyes, connect with your Heart, and then from that place connect and be empowered with your World.

"You Are The Medicine, that has been sent here to Heal the World."

The Japan Relief Effort At the end of every month, 75% of all profits will be sent to Peace Winds America's Japan Relief Fund. More info will be available shortly.

EP Credits: Released 21 March 2011 All Songs Recorded, Performed & Improvised by Cornflower

Recorded Live on March 19th 2011 @ CultureWorks Ashland OR USA w/ Sound Engineer – Randy Voris (

Lyrics for “Open Wide” were co-created by Cornflower & Nikita Gearing, based on a meditation byNikita Gearing.

Throughout the recording of this live event, Nikita Gearing of The TONE - – was holding a meditative space and grounding Love into every sonic wave that came through, so enjoy the sounds and the light encoded messages that are present within this recording.

Cornflower opened up and set the tone with a “Prayer 4 Japan“. Then dives into an epic 14-minute plus live-tronica, jam-journey into the heart called “Open Wide“. He finishes his set with a dub-infused, soap-box steppin’ “You Are The Medicine“.

It is now available online for download (Donation Only).

All donations goto Japan Relief ~ Listen, Donate & Download Now!!! Or goto: