Looking back on the OSF Green Show


I am always grateful to get to share in this magical musical experience. But there aren't that many that get me as excited as the Oregon Shakespeare Festival Green Show. This is my third year in a row, and my 4th performance, and it just gets better each time. This year was no different, even with the Southern Oregon fires pushing us indoors to the Carpenter Hall across the street from the OSF Courtyard. We packed the place over capacity! Unfortunately, the capacity crowd left some of my biggest fans and friends outside unable to join in on the sonic bathing chamber that was about to ensue. I hope I can make it up to you all! It was such a thrilling experience to be back on the "Altar of  Sound". I opened with an Improv scat that bled into a rocking rendition of one of my favorite new songs "Do You Know" that I jammed out into the debut of a new Ambient tune called "Temporary Formations". It felt really good to be bringing some of my ambient influences into my set. It really reflects the spaciousness I experienced on my sabbatical that I want to bring more into my Life and therefore my music. I am not sure how many people in attendance had ever heard ambient music before, but I am sure they will never forget it. I then pulled out one of my classic's, the jam-launching-pad "In The Moment" which went unfinished as the jam went farther into space then I was prepared for. I then chose to close the show with a "YouMeWe" for the record books. I usually do just the call-and-response, but this time I used the crowd as a looper. The seats were split in the middle so I had each side take a phrase and we made sweet music together. I absolutely love hearing everyones voices. It is a remarkable experience.

This was such a great way to reengage the live experience. So much love flowing from my heart to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival Green Show team, Claudia, Cassie, Ben, Jess, Max and crew are such a family of good people who want to put on the best show possible and you make me feel so at home every time. Thanks again for your focus and attention. Finally, thank you to everyone who came out and shared in the Great Music with me. I hope to make it up to those who got locked out.  I am grateful for the next moment, when that arrives, I hope you will be there. Sign up to the mailing list to be the first to know when ticket requests for the upcoming concert series are posted.

Here's the setlist from the evening: http://cornflowermusic.com/tuesday-08062013-osf-green-show-ashland-or/.

Photos Courtesy of Marguerite Schellentrager