Transform the World with Our Healing Presence

After a grueling 6 weeks of bed rest due to an infection, I am acutely aware of the importance of being vigilant of our vibration. I had low moments and bright moments. I learned about how important our vibrational integrity is in the world that is magnetized around us in everyday Life. Everything begins from the formless, and then manifests as form. All energy that goes to unconscious thoughts, downward spiraling emotions, etc. contributes to more suffering. If we are able to stay vibrationally vigilant, becoming more alert of where we are and what we are vibrating in that moment, we can begin to consciously direct that attention to what we want to create. Thanks to all of my fans, supporters, friends and family who have offered your prayers, intentions, love and much needed support with food, groceries, dog walking, cleaning, etc., that helped us keep this ship running. We are forever grateful for your love and attention.

Without further adieu, this is the first video of 3 from an incredibly powerful set of music I channeled in 2011 at the Peace Village Festival in Ashland OR.

This video series was a request from a fan named Marti Fernandez who was at this show and wanted to relive the moment. Here you go Marti! ;)