Life... It's a Dance!

Oh, Life! In one instance, I will be salsa dancing with you, and then in another, you pull a breakdance move to keep me on my toes and remind me that this moment is all we have and that if we aren’t living fully, totally and completely, we aren’t living at all.

In the middle of mixing my live album and recording my first new single since 2009 called “Monks On Main Street", I awoke the morning of May 15th to find a tick on my right shin. I got up and slowly pulled it out of my skin and then put the tick into a plastic bag for future testing. After looking online and doing my research, I found a website for Lyme Disease called ILADS (International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society) They pointed me to my local Lyme’s expert, which luckily was only 11 miles north of my home in Medford OR. We booked an appointment right away and got in to have it checked out.

We had the Lyme's test done and I am grateful to say it came back negative for Lyme’s Disease. However, what then ensued was a 3-month process of multiple skin reactions, which led to a nasty staph infection. 5 weeks of bed rest later and a belly full of antibiotics, chinese medicinal herbs, probiotics, immunity tinctures, ph testing and topical treatments, the infection was gone. The skin allergen on the other hand wouldn't let up.

In the week leading up to my birthday, synchronicity and persistence combined to offer me the opportunity to see a Dermatologist who is highly regarded in our area (usually a 6-month waiting period), I was able to get in via referral within that week on my birthday. The Dermatologist was great, and was able to diagnose everything I have explained above within 5 minutes of looking at the original tick bite wound. After prescribing me a steroid cream, within two hours of using it, the inflammation began to subside.

It has been over a month since this unfolded. I am out of the acute stage, but I am still experiencing adrenal fatigue from having to go through the whole ordeal. To top it all off, my beloved got shingles from the stress of caretaking me, so then I had to trade places and caretake her through what has been her 5 week healing path.

The Teaching

From the beginning of this process my intuition was that everything would be alright and that I just had to trust and be patient with the process. Now, I am not saying that I didn't break down or have my fears, as they were there for sure. Having this deeper knowing though, kept popping up in the dark moments. It helped me keep a firm footing in the deeper gift of the whole experience. My beloved and I eventually saw this ordeal as a forced spiritual retreat. An evolutionary opportunity that had been gifted to me. This opportunity offered me so many teachings about this Life that I could write a book about it. Things like, the power and purpose of the mind, the importance of reaching out and asking for help, the fact that ultimately no matter what method or modality you are drawn to in regards to health care that you are your own health advocate. It is up to you to decide the fate of your experience. It is vibrational and subtle, but requires choice and action. How every movement, in this expanding moment, has purpose. Can you wrap your heart and mind around that? I have... I am still integrating it for sure, and I am grateful to bring it into the music and message that I reflect and express into the world. Which leads me to the next steps.

Next Up…

Before I got redirected by my destiny, I was working on the live album from last December. It is coming along strongly. I am very inspired by this release and I am so thrilled to share it with you once it is ready. We still have some final edits and mixing to do and then I will be sending it off for mastering. Everyone will know once it is time. In the meantime, you can pre-order your digital download, and support the mixing and mastering process, by clicking here.

There was also the new single "Monks on Main Street" that was put on hold. Well, I am grateful to say I just met with my producer, Bret Levick, earlier this week and we are back on track with a whole new slew of inspiration and depth to lay into it. Stoked to see this song grow and expand its wings in the studio.

In Conclusion

All in all, I needed time to look at myself and what is important in my Life. Music sits at a very prestigious round table in my top list of priorities, alongside my family, friends and the art of being present and joyous as often as possible.

My intention is to be this joy and presence while being supported to play music and travel around the world to be with my family and friends. That is my joy, that is my desire. Will you join with me in this grand adventure?

Hope to see each of you eye to eye, dancing in Union along this blessed trip around our Sun, at a house concert nearest you.