Equinox with Cornflower is now available


The official sound recording from my 3/19/2016 Equinox @ The Haven, Ashland OR is now available to download or stream for your listening pleasure.


Set 1: White Owl [Improv], Shuffle Shake, With All Things, Walk Through The Fire [1], YouMeWe, Monks on Main Street
Set 2: Sipapu -> TimeSpace Equinox [2], Returning [Improv] -> Vocal Jam, You Are The Medicine -> FlowerSeeds

Notes: [1] Debut. [2] Sound Meditation in synchronization with the zenith of the Equinox.

Reviews from the 3/19 Concert

"Absolutely the best Cornflower performance yet." - Shevie R.


"The night was transforming! Such a great experience! Connecting through the music, the vibe, the peeps and dance! I thought, "where is Pharrell Williams, he needs to be producing this amazing human they call Cornflower!” hehehehe” - Sarah B.


"Thank You to Cornflower for the Energy filled night" - Tina S.


"What a precious gift and blessing to share in this beautiful evening with so many lovely hearts." - Jannirose F.


"Wow. Thank you team Cornflower! Everyone who contributed to the creation of this wonderful event last night - Thank you! And Cornflower - also WOW. Blown away by the Sonic Landscape (absolute best description) that you laid down and let me energetically frolic in! I feel blessed to know you all. AHO!" - Wrenna K.


"It was much needed music for the soul!"