Cornflower joins Jai-Jagdeesh for Spring Tour through Western Canada & the US West Coast


I am deeply honored and grateful to be joining Jai-Jagdeesh as a member of her trio, alongside the incomparable solo electric cellist Matthew Schoening, for her upcoming Spring Tour in April & May. We will be travelling from Calgary to San Diego, bringing the musical medicine to the people. This is the first time I have ever toured as a member of a band, and I am so thrilled to be getting this opportunity to share in this music with all of you!

Here's what Jai had to say...The last time I ‪‎toured‬ — like REALLY comprehensively toured—in ‪North America‬ was in 2013, so this year's outing is waaaaaay overdue. And I can. not. WAIT. to have you experience this ensemble. "Unique" would be putting it mildly; "special" is probably the best word for it. These guys are INCREDIBLE, and we're fully prepared to knock your socks off—both meditatively and celebratorily.”

I am inspired & grateful to be a part of this ensemble! Come and join us and let your friends and family know...

Follow along our musical adventure!

Hope to see you along the journey!