Announcing the EcoFlower Partnership!


I am incredibly grateful and very inspired to announce that I am joining forces with Ashland Oregon based organic and fair-trade tea company ECOTEAS Yerba Maté. Two weeks ago, in prep for my current tour with Jai-Jagdeesh and Matthew Schoening, they stoked me out with an epic tour care package, to help me be fueled by their powerful tea selections along my music adventures.

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I have been a big maté fan since 2000, and have enjoyed many a gourd full of the sweet green leaf maté from South America on many occasions throughout the past 16 years.

When I moved out to Ashland Oregon from Tennessee in 2003, I learned of this great company, and immediately decided to only buy their brand of maté. Not only is it a great flavor, but it is built on the highest quality intentions of fair trade and sustainability.

Since then, their business has grown into major markets across the country and they can even be found in Whole Foods Markets across the United States.

Their business model is about serving people and planet. With their fairtrade and organic policies, alongside their sugar-free bottled iced teas, their support of local & regional watersheds, their compostable plant-based enclosed zero-waste tea bags are fully biodegradable. The list goes on!

ECOTEAS is the real deal new paradigm business that is helping move the tea industry into the 21st Century and I am so honored to be in partnership with their delicious teas, big hearts and sustainable-focused minds!

I feel so completely aligned with them and their vibe and am so excited to see where our partnership takes the both of us as we each continue our journey at making the world a better place through conscious music, conscious products and conscious business that have a positive impact in people's lives.

Announcing the EcoFlower Spring Tour Offers

To christen this moment, we are offering two special EcoFlower deals.

EcoFlower Discount on all ECOTEAS products

During the entire time I am on Spring Tour you can receive 16% off all ECOTEAS products. This is a fantastic time to try out their amazing line of high-quality organic products!

To receive your discount, goto: and enter the discount code: ECOFLOWER16

This is only available till May 10th, so get your ECOTEAS Products now!

EcoFlower Giveaway Contest

Win a bundle of amazing ECOTEAS' products alongside a selection of Cornflower's discography, including an improvised song, recorded just for you!

Starting Thursday April 28th, we will be running an EcoFlower contest on Facebook!

The winner will receive:

  • 1 ECOTEAS T-Shirt 1 Bag of Unsmoked ECOTEAS Yerba Maté All 4 Flavor's of ECOTEAS "Zero-Waste" Tea Flavors, including: - Pure Tulsi - Pure Rooibos - Holy Maté - Yerba Maté

  • A Mountain of Inspiring Music to help your Heart and Spirit Shine!

    • Including:

      • 1, Journey into Sound (Debut Album) [MP3]

      • 1, Equinox with Cornflower (Live Album) [MP3]

      • 1, Full Moon Live Stream Recording [MP3]

      • 1, Timespace New Moon Sound Meditation [MP3]

      • 1, Improvised Song, just for you! [MP3]

This contest runs until May 8th!

Head over to the Cornflower Music Facebook page, follow the directions to enter and get your share on!!

Learn more about ECOTEAS and their high quality organic fair trade teas & products!

Changing the World starts with each of us, in each moment, with each choice we make, with each purchase and with where we place our energy.