Introducing the FlowerSeeds.VIP Music Subscription Service


THIS IS BIG! I am so incredibly inspired about this next step for the musical medicine and it is just the beginning of an ever-expanding spiral of creations.

I’ve been intending for a long time to find a way that allows you to access all of my music in the simplest and easiest way… AND I FOUND IT!

Welcome to the FlowerSeeds.VIP!

I am deeply inspired to present this new Music Subscription & Artist Patronage service!



  • Immediate access to ALL of my main catalog releases,

  • Exclusive access to monthly releases of new & past live recordings,

  • Exclusive access to new releases before they go public,

  • Exclusive access to subscriber-only offers,



A minimum of $3.33 per month that goes to supporting my mission to share my musical medicine with all those who may benefit across the world in a sustainable way.

The first Live Release drops on March 1st!

Until then, THANK YOU AGAIN for joining in on this JOURNEY INTO SOUND!

All My Love,