What is a FlowerSeed?
flo•wer•seed [noun]

1. a human being, inspired by the music of Cornflower, aligned to the flowering of human consciousness in themselves and through the power of music, art, community, and creating positive change through social and vibrational action, awareness, singing, and dancing!

FlowerSeeds... is an growing group of humans being inspired by the transformational music and message of vocalist & live-looper, Cornflower.

This community is made up of people who are dedicated to the "Flowering" of Human Consciousness & Awakening through their own creative empowerment and inspiration and want to help PLANT THE SEEDS of our UNITY & HARMONY with all of Life out into the world through their personal and collective co-creations and through the growing musical landscape created by Cornflower.

These are inclusive of Cornflower's Transformational Music Experiences; Solo Concerts, YouMeWe Experiences, TimeSpace Sound Meditations, Ecstatic Dances, Yoga Music, Community Art parties, Tree & Garden plantings, Social Media Campaigns, Street Team actions, Social Activism, Random Acts of Kindness and so much more!