June 2018 FlowerSeeds.VIP Release


This month’s new Live Release is from my set at The W.O.W. Hall in Eugene OR opening for Ayla Nereo.

Here's the backstory... On May 23rd, 2017, Nikita and I were at Yoga Tree Castro in San Francisco on my Monks on Main Street California Summer Tour preparing for setup and soundcheck to play live music for Janet Stone's yoga class that evening.

We were testing the subwoofers in the studio (which by the way were AMAZING!) using my Spotify Playlist when the song "Let The Rhythm Just" by The Polish Ambassador featuring Ayla Nereo came on over the sound system, her voice began singing the chorus… and at that exact moment Nikita blurts out… "Cornflower, Ayla Nereo just sent you a personal message!” We both looked at each other with chill bumps… it was such a potent synchronistic moment.

With all of that said... I am deeply inspired to release this set. In my heart, it is one of my best performances from 2017.

It is now available for all FlowerSeeds.VIP Subscribers in your Collections for you to download and stream! 

Leave a comment below with your experience of the music.

With All My Love,

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