August 2018 FlowerSeeds.VIP Release


FlowerSeeds! Blessings on today's Lions Gate Portal on 8/8! (It runs from 8/8 to 8/12) ~

I am very happy to release this month’s FlowerSeeds.VIP EXclusive Live Release (from the archives) entitled “Feel The Flow • Live".

This was originally recorded live on July 19th, 2016, on the 1-year anniversary of my monthly Full Moon Live Stream Concert series, on the Full Blood Moon.

This show opened with the improvisational piece “Feel The Flow” to set the mood of the Full Blood Moon. 

Song 2 is a 17+ minute version of “Journey Into Sound” that dances the funk-fantastic. 

“Walk Through The Fire” then debuted with its reggae-infused offering of personal reflection and self-responsibility. 

To close out the set, “Songs of the Ancients” re-emerges with a 13+ minute trip through your DNA.

Setlist: Feel the Flow [Improv] > Journey Into Sound, Walk Through The Fire, Songs of the Ancients

The release is now available for all FlowerSeeds.VIP subscribers in your Collection for download and streaming and is now live in the Bandcamp App.

Check it out now!

Leave a comment below with your experience of the music.

With All My Love,

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