NEW RELEASE: Explorations, Vol. 1+plus

Announcing the new album
“Explorations, Vol. 1+plus”

Cornflower’s album “Explorations, Vol. 1+" is an all-improvised series of musical experiments recorded live with the intention of capturing a pure and raw expression of the moment.

Each piece was built on an idea or intention designed directly before recording with no road map or direction. Each track is unique and breathes on its own, however, when combined they all form a powerful flow for the listener from beginning to end.

"Explorations, Vol. 1+” is a remastered release of last year’s all-live and improvised EP “Explorations, Vol. 1”… PLUS, an expanded tracklist including remastered versions of “Do All Things With Kindness” & the epic 13+ minute journey into the “TimeSpace Crystal Moon”.

Here’s the Tracklist: 
1. I'm Coming Alive 04:26
2. Joy in the Face of Everything 04:19
3. Do All Things With Kindness 03:29
4. I.N.S.I.D.E. (When Ya Feel It) 06:48
5. TimeSpace Crystal Moon 13:57
6. One More Dance Before I Go 08:01
7. A Flower Unfurling... 03:31

Listen to the track
“Do All Things With Kindness”


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